Main Motto: Sharing experience
To all ostomates and friends in Europe!
On behalf of the European Ostomy Association I am pleased to welcome you to the congress in the beautiful city of Brno in The Czech Republic. At the congress you will meet ostomates and friends of ostomates from all over Europe. You will be able to meet manufacturers of ostomy appliances and other products for ostomates. You can hear lectures by doctors, nurses and manufacturers, you can read and hear reports from ostomates from different countries in Europe and you can take part in workshops. In the evenings you can take part in social dinners and sightseeing.
The congress will be THE EVENT for ostomates this year, and in fact there are three years until the next congress, so please set aside the dates from the 11. to the 14. of September 2008. The Czech ILCO is hosting the congress, and I know they have been working hard so just you will have a great time coming to Brno. See you there - you will not regret coming, I promise!

Arne Holte
President EOA

Dear Friends,
Czech ILCO in cooperation with EOA holds 12th EOA Congress in Brno, Czech Republic, in September of this year. On behalf of Czech ILCO I would like to invite you cordially to attend. We offer accommodation in the Continental Hotel in Brno where all sessions of the congress will take place. The hotel is situated in the city centre. Ceremonial opening of the congress will be held in the Meeting Hall of the New City Hall in Brno at the presence of leading politicians of the South Moravia Region and the city of Brno, representatives of healthcare professional and other related patient organisations. The congress sessions will be followed by pleasant evening parties, a concert in the Brno Cathedral and a trip to the Lednice Chateau in South Moravia, a monument listed by UNESCO, and another to the historic wine town of Mikulov. Those interested will also be invited to the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, after the congress. We hope we have prepared a good congress for you and believe that the stay in Brno and the Czech Republic will become a pleasant experience.

Miroslav Šerý
President of Czech ILCO