Course on Epilepsy Surgery

March 18 – 23, 2008

Brno, Czech Republic


Working Group of Epilepsy Surgery (WGES)

Commission on European Affairs (CEA)

International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)





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Organizing Committee


Christoph Baumgartner

Walter van Emde Boas

Peter Halasz

Kristina Malmgren

Çiğdem Özkara (chair)

Ivan Rektor (local organizer)

Hermann Stefan


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Basic Information




The course is organised as part of the European Project of Development of Epilepsy Surgery Programs (Epodes).

Epodes was initiated in 2006 by Prof. Cigdem Özkara in order to stimulate the development of epilepsy surgery in central and eastern Europe. The program is organised under the aegis of- and with funding from the Commission of European Affairs (CEA) from the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and in liaison with the Commissions for Education and for Therapeutic Strategies of the ILAE.

The program will include courses, visiting professorships and fellowships.

The present course is not only the first course of the program but also represents the first practical educational activity.


Course description


The course will consist of an intensive 4 day program with alternating face to face lectures, video-demonstrations and case presentations by students as well as tutors.

One half day will be devoted to visits to the Epilepsy Monitoring and Neurosurgical units of Brno University Hospital.

Students will be neurologists or neurosurgeons from centres where there is interest to develop a full epilepsy surgery program but where at this moment there still is lack of adequate expertise, technology and/or resources. Tutors, representing all relevant professional fields, are invited from representative epilepsy surgery programs throughout Europe.


The course program will offer a basic introduction to epilepsy surgery for surgically remediable epilepsies, notably antero-mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) but also extratemporal lobe epilepsies, notably frontal lobe epilepsies in adults and children. Students will learn about the presurgical evaluation with scalp and intracranial video EEG, imaging and neuropsychology, the surgical procedures and the psychosocial and psychiatric issues of surgical patients, before and after surgery.

Although the course can not substitute for practical experience, great emphasis will be put on practical aspects relating to the identification of suitable patients, the possibilities of performing surgery with only a limited (non-invasive video-EEG, MRI, neuropsychology) evaluation   the recognition of potential red flags, the indications for additional studies, including intracranial studies and functional neuroimaging.

For this reason these subjects will not only be dealt with in plenary theme lectures but notably during group discussions where students will present and discuss patients from their own practice for surgical options and where tutors will present representative cases in a stepwise format, allowing the students to follow the decision-making process.

Both the student and tutor presentations should be interactive with all group members actively participating in the clinical discussion, the tutor acting as moderator.

Interaction is also to be stimulated during the plenary lectures and during breaks and meals when students and faculty will sit together and students may discuss clinical problems with the faculty or amongst themselves.


Course language will be exclusively English.


No reader will be provided but the students will receive a handout of all plenary lectures.


Students who finish the full course will receive a certificate of participation. The course has been accredited by EUREPA with 55 credit points for the elective “Epilepsy Surgery”.


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Christoph Baumgartner (Austria)

Sally Baxendale (UK)

Milan Brazdil (Czech Republic)

Jan Chrastina (Czech Republic)

Alois Ebner (Germany)

Walter van Emde Boas (Netherlands)

Stefano Francione (Italy)

Jan Hadac (Czech Republic)

Peter Halasz (Hungary)

Philippe Kahane (France)

Steffi Koch-Stoecker (Germany)

Viladimir Komarek (Czech Republic)

Robert Kuba (Czech Republic)

Kristina Malmgren (Sweden)

Zdenek Novak (Czech Republic)

Çiğdem Özkara (Turkey)

Ivan Rektor (Czech Republic)

Bertil Rydenhag (Sweden)

Roberto Spreafico (Italy)

Hermann Stefan (Germany)


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All files are in PDF format… for downloading, right-click on the link and select Save target as...



Course Programme & Handouts


Titel page


Attendance list - speakers

Attendance list – students

List of presentations




Brázdil M.: When to stop (3,5 MB, pdf)  

Brázdil M.: Functional imaging in epilepsy surgery (4 MB, pdf)

Ebner A.: Epileptogenic Lesions (7 MB, pdf)

van Emde Boas W.: Epilepsy Surgery: a general approach (300 kB, pdf)

van Emde Boas W.: Epilepsy Surgery: how often and how (200 kB, pdf)


1. Practice parameter: Temporal lobe and localized neocortical resections for epilepsy (100 kB, pdf)

2. Pre-surgical evaluation for epilepsy surgery – European Standards  (100 kB, pdf)

Halász P.: Surgicaly amenable epilepsies in adults (1 MB, pdf)

Halász P.:  Foramen ovale electrodes in presurgical evaluation of TLE

  (1,5 MB, pdf)

Koch-Stoecker S.: Psychiatric problems related to epilepsy surgery (800 kB, pdf)

Komárek V.: Surgically amenable epilepsies in children (5,5 MB, pdf)

Kršek P.: Specific aspects of pediatric epilepsy surgery (400 kB, pdf)

Kuba R.: Sphenoidal electrodes (2,5 MB, pdf)

Kuba R.: VNS therapy in epilepsy (800 kB, pdf)

Malmgren K.: Outcomes of epilepsy surgery  (200 kB, pdf)

Özkara Ç.: Presurgical noninvasive evaluation of epilepsy surgery (300 kB, pdf)

Özkara Ç.: Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (2 MB, pdf)

Pataraia E.: Temporal lobe epilepsies: Current concepts (1 MB, pdf)

Rektor I.: Frontal lobe epilepsies (4,5 MB, pdf)

Rektor I.: Epilepsy surgery: Intracranial invasive EEG (12,5 MB, pdf)

Rydenhag B.: Epilepsy Surgery: Surgical techniques (500 kB, pdf)

Rydenhag B.: Epilepsy Surgery: Pediatric aspects (400 kB, pdf)

Spreafico R Cortical Dyspasia (1,5 MB, pdf)

Stefan H.: Clinical Magnetoencephalography in Epilepsy Diagnosis (700 kB, pdf)


ILEA – VIREPA Distance Education (100 kB, pdf)



Handouts - Supplement


Titel page

List of presentations




Kahane P.: Invasive evaluation: when? (5,5 MB, pdf)

Kahane P.: Temporal plus epilepsies: myth or reality? (1,5 MB, pdf)

Kahane P.: Brain Stimulation in epilepsy: where are we? (1 MB, pdf)

Spreafico R.: Cortical Dysplasia (6 MB, pdf)

Stefan H.: Imaging (12 MB, pdf)



Handouts – Supplement B (not in printed version)


Francione S.: Epilepsies of the posterior part of the brain: a semeiological study from a surgical perspective (21,5 MB, pdf)

Pataraia E.: Scalp Video-EEG Monitoring (4,3 MB, pdf)    new

Pauli E.: Wada Test; Intracarotid Amobarbital Procedure (IAP) (1,5 MB, pdf)

Pauli E.: Neuropsychology in Epilepsy Surgery (2 MB, pdf)



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Venue, Transport


Address of the Course venue

Menza Vinařská

Vinařská 5, CZ - 603 00 Brno



1st floor – Canteen (lunches)

2nd floor – Congress hall, Meeting room (lectures, groups I & II, registraton, coffee breaks)



Work groups – groups III & IV


Vinařská 6, CZ – 603 00 Brno



Group III – 2nd floor, room 212 A

Group IV – 4th floor, room 412 A



Accommodation of students

Koleje Vinařská – Garni hotel Vinařská (Dormitory Vinařská)

Builing no. A3

Vinařská 5, CZ – 603 00 Brno


areal kolejí



Accommodation of lectures

Hotel Voroněž I

Křížkovského 47, CZ – 603 00 Brno




Detailed map of the venue with description (pdf)


Overall maps of Brno         S (jpeg)

                                               L (jpeg)

                                               XL (jpeg)

                                               XXL (jpeg)

                                               XXXL (jpeg)


Transport information:

Traveling to Brno (pdf)

Public Transport in Brno (pdf)


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Chair of Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Özkara

Cerrahpasa Medical School

Department of Neurology

Istanbul, Turkey

tel./fax: 00 90 212 6330176

e-mail: cigdemoz@istanbul.edu.tr


Local Organizer

Prof. Dr. Ivan Rektor

First Department of Neurology
Masaryk University, St. Anne's Hospital
Brno, Czech Republic
tel.: 00 420 543 182 623
fax: 00 420 543 182 624
e-mail: irektor@med.muni.cz



TA-SERVICE s.r.o. (congress agency)

Hlinky 48, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic


contact person: Martin Nesrsta

tel./fax: 00 420 543 211 134

e-mail: nesrsta@ta-service.cz


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