2nd Course on Epilepsy Surgery

26-28 January 2012

Hotel Continental, Kounicova 6, Brno
Czech Republic


Working Group of Epilepsy Surgery (WGES)
Commission on European Affairs (CEA)
International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)

Organizing Committee

Çiğdem Özkara (chair)
Walter van Emde Boas
Kristina Malmgren
Bertil Rydenhag
Ivan Rektor
Hermann Stefan

Local Organizer

Ivan Rektor
Faculty: All organisers will be participating as faculty;
Further faculty to be announced

A basic interactive course on surgically remediable epilepsies, presurgical evaluation, scalp and intracranial EEG, neuropsychology, imaging and psychiatric issues of surgical patients before and after surgery. Keynote speakers and case presentations by tutors and students. Video presentations of ongoing surgical interventions.

Instructions for application:
I. Neurologist or neurosurgeon who has a background to establish or run an epilepsy surgery center
II. All applications have to be accompanied by a CV and a recommendation letter from the director of the hospital or chair of the department
III. Adequate English to follow the course and participate the discussions is needed
IV. Bursaries are limited and will be available for only Central and Eastern European countries.

Please indicate that you are applying for bursary in your letter. (Bursaries will include travel up to 150 €, accomodation, meals and course handouts)

Registration fee: 600 €(includes dormitory accomodation for 4 days, meals and course handouts)

Deadline for applications: 1st January 2011
Please send all the applications to:
Prof. Dr. Çigdem Özkara
Cerrahpasa Medical School, Department of Neurology,
Istanbul, Turkey, tel-fax: 90 212 6330176
copying to: Ivana Tarabová e-mail: tarabova@ta-service.cz

Basic InformationProgramVenue, TransportContacts

Basic Information


The course is organised as part of the European Project of Development of Epilepsy Surgery Programs (Epodes).
Epodes was initiated in 2006 by Prof. Cigdem Özkara in order to stimulate the development of epilepsy surgery in central and eastern Europe. The program is organised under the aegis of- and with funding from the Commission of European Affairs (CEA) from the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and in liaison with the Commissions for Education and for Therapeutic Strategies of the ILAE. The present course is course of the program.

Course description

The course will consist of an intensive 3 days program with alternating face to face lectures, video-demonstrations and case presentations by students as well as tutors. Students will be neurologists or neurosurgeons from centres where there is interest to develop a full epilepsy surgery program but where at this moment there still is lack of adequate expertise, technology and/or resources. Tutors, representing all relevant professional fields, are invited from representative epilepsy surgery programs throughout Europe.

The course program will offer a basic introduction to epilepsy surgery for surgically remediable epilepsies in adults and children. Students will learn about the presurgical evaluation with scalp and intracranial video EEG, imaging and neuropsychology, the surgical procedures and the psychosocial and psychiatric issues of surgical patients, before and after surgery.
Although the course can not substitute for practical experience, great emphasis will be put on practical aspects relating to the identification of suitable patients, the possibilities of performing surgery with only a limited (non-invasive video-EEG, MRI, neuropsychology) evaluation the recognition of potential red flags, the indications for additional studies, including intracranial studies and functional neuroimaging.
For this reason these subjects will not only be dealt with in plenary theme lectures but notably during group discussions where students will present and discuss patients from their own practice for surgical options and where tutors will present representative cases in a stepwise format, allowing the students to follow the decision-making process.
Both the student and tutor presentations should be interactive with all group members actively participating in the clinical discussion, the tutor acting as moderator.
Interaction is also to be stimulated during the plenary lectures and during breaks and meals when students and faculty will sit together and students may discuss clinical problems with the faculty or amongst themselves.

Course language will be exclusively English.

No reader will be provided but the students will receive a handout of all plenary lectures.

Students who finish the full course will receive a certificate of participation.

Course Programme & Handouts

Title page
Attendance list - speakers

Venue, Transport

Address of the Course venue

Kounicova 6, Brno, Czech Republic


Kounicova 6, Brno, Czech Republic
GPS: 49o 12o 2.194” N, 16o 36o 16.155” E

Husova 16, Brno, Czech Republic
GPS: 49o 11o 41.55” N, 16o 36o 17.24” E


Brno is situated about 2,5 hours by car south-east of Prague (250 km) and about 1,5 hours by car north of Vienna (130 km).

Brno by plane: Connection from London, Roma, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Eindhoven
Brno airport (www.airport-brno.cz)
Vienna international airport (www.viennaairport.com) in Austria is about 1,5 hours drive to Brno.
Student Agency (www.studentagency.cz) operates direct bus connection from Vienna (airport, city) to railway station Brno.
Czech Railways (www.cdrail.cz) operate quick IC, EC connections between Vienna-Brno-Prague.

Prague (Ruzyne) international airport (www.csa.cz) in the Czech Republic is about 2,5 hours drive from Brno. There is a good motorway connection.
Student Agency (www.studentagency.cz) operates direct bus connection from Prague (city, airport) to

Bratislava international airport (www.letiskobratislava.sk)
in Slovakia is a smaller airport but some low-cost airlines use it.

Brno is one of the most important Central European rail junctions, as it is situated on the international
Czech Railways (www.cdrail.cz) operate quick IC, EC connections between Vienna-Brno-Prague.
Bus and train timetables (www.idos.cz)

Brno is situated at the intersection of the D1 (Prague - Brno) and D2 (Brno - Bratislava) motorways.

How to get to the Hotel Continental
(Venue of the Course and Accommodation)

Arrival by plane
Take a taxi, it takes 30 minutes.
The Airport Bus will bring you to the Main railway station (Hlavní nádraží) and then take the tram Nr. 1 (direction – Řečkovice), get out on the second stop (Moravské náměstí). Walk along the tram track 100 meters and then 200 meters to the left

Arrival by train
Take a taxi in front of the Main railway station, it takes 10 minutes.
Take the tram nr. 1 (direction – Řečkovice), get out on the second stop (Moravské náměstí). Walk along the tram track 100 meters and then 200 meters to the left.

Arrival by bus
Bus station at Hotel Grand (lines of Student Agency from Prague and Vienna)
Take a taxi in front of the Hotel Grand, it takes 10 minutes.
Take the tram nr. 1 (direction – Řečkovice), get out on the second stop (Moravské náměstí). Walk along the tram track 100 meters and then 200 meters to the left.

Tickets for Brno City Transport
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However, the validation of these tickets is 60 minutes only, but it gives you enough time for getting to the hotel. The price of transfer tickets is CZK 22.
A non-transfer ticket is for short distance (without change). The validation of these tickets is 10 minutes only. The price is CZK 18.


Chair of Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Özkara
Cerrahpasa Medical School
Department of Neurology
Istanbul, Turkey
tel./fax: 00 90 212 6330176
e-mail: cigdemoz@istanbul.edu.tr

Local Organizer

Prof. Dr. Ivan Rektor
First Department of Neurology
Masaryk University, St. Anne's Hospital
Brno, Czech Republic
tel.: 00 420 543 182 623
fax: 00 420 543 182 624
e-mail: irektor@med.muni.cz


TA-SERVICE s.r.o. (congress agency)
Hlinky 48, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic

contact person: Ivana Tarabová
tel./fax: 00 420 543 211 134
e-mail: tarabova@ta-service.cz